Welcome to the Vitalife Group, a small but fast-growing collection of entrepreneurial companies with some underlying principles at our core.

Health. Wellbeing. Ethics.

These principles guide everything we do. We want all of our businesses to do good and to deliver improved health and wellbeing (both mental and physical) in one way or another to our customers.

Read more about each of our businesses below:

An all-natural health store - offering thousands of 100% natural health foods, drinks, and supplements, including our extremely popular matcha green tea range (where our business began!)

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A fresher, healthier approach to vending.

Launched in late 2018 to revolutionise the vending space - bringing our vast range of healthy food, drink, supplements and more to a vend offering.

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Vitalife Threads began after we realised the impact that fast fashion is having on the natural environment.

We are partnered with one of the leading manufacturers in the eco-clothing industry, allowing us to offer clothing that is produced by 100% wind energy, is 100% organic, uses no toxic chemicals during printing and dyeing, uses no animal-based materials, avoids any animal testing, and offers a 'full-loop' solution - one that allows you to return garments to us once they have reached the end of their useful life, and we recycle them into new clothes!

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A campaign born from Vitalife Health after we saw how much perfectly safe/edible food, drink, and supplements that our suppliers were wasting each year.

It offers literally unbeatable prices on the best health foods, drinks, and sports supplements at up to 90% off RRP.

Love Health Hate Waste

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